Opinions on Gershman Avant Garde ?

I can't audition the avant garde, but I have heard great things about them, I am looking for owners opinions, I am using the krell hts 7.1 prepro and the krell tas amp, I am looking mostly for opinions on music, but some ht, thanks all
I have a pair of Avant Gardes and I really am impressed with them. they are very nice looking and well made. The bass they put out is exceptional and they are very balanced across the midrange. They are fairly easy to drive and should mate well with your system. They put out a great soundstage with good depth.
Samski, Im also looking at a pair but as effect speakers, Although I have notheard them... they seem to have a good reputation and foot print is nice, at being at approx 36" high. from what I have done my research and read some reviews see


these seem to be a good speaker.. what pricing range to they go at, street price and used ?

I paid 2500 for mine. they were 6 months old.