Opinions on Full-Range/single driver speakers

I am considering a DIY project to build a pair of single driver speakers. My current idea is to put Jordan JX9s into Transmission line cabinets. I am a competent woodworker and there are lots of plans on the internet.

I do really value the opinions of you audiogon members out there with lots of listening experience so I am curious what your opinions are on single driver speakers. If you can also comment on wide-baffle versus narrow baffle designs, that would be helpful.

My front end is a Monarchy tube DAC 25 with Matsushista tubes and DIP Classic, coupled to an AYRE DX7E, all interconnects and cables are DIY magnet wire. I am currently using Green Mountain Europa's and a modified Paradigm subwoofer.

After enjoying GMA's and experiencing time/phase coherent sound, I started looking at other options for coherent systems. It seems the simplest design is a good full range driver (no whiffle cone) in a TL or QWL cabinet.

So your opinions are appreciated. I would prefer if you did not advise me to purchase your favorite speaker as that is not the type of information I am seeking.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Fe206e & AN SC Hemp 8 incher DO NOT sound the same or even close.
Different drivers for different applications & taste.IMO
Johnk's has his opinions so do I and others. Personally, I like Fe206e in horn loaded designs but that's just me. For what it's worth, AN & Fostex make some affordable drivers for DIY crowd delight. Have fun all.

Hi, JohnK. I didn't say the Fostex 200A sounds like the 206E; I said that the Audio Nirvana Super 8 sounds like the 206E. While you don't care for the 206E, some people prefer them. David, of Commonsense Audio, a dealer for Fostex among other brands -- http://www.commonsenseaudio.com/ -- says this:
"The FE206E is the most detailed, the most extended, the most efficient, the most natural sounding, and has the best bass of all Fostex speakers." So that's what makes horse races. People hear speakers differently, and frequency response alone isn't a good indicator of how good a speaker will sound to any particular person...
It suppose to say AN Super Alnico 8" driver.
And again - fe206e and above mentioned do not sound the same .... - presentation wise.

Used fe206e in many designs inc front horns, built optimized cabinets designed just for all theses fullranges didnt just use 1 cabinet for all. Cabinet needs to be optimised or designed for ea driver no 1 cab design for all fullranges. Fostex fullranges better sounding than fe206e =f200a f120a fe166e fe167e fe207e fe208esigma fe168e sigma fe138esr. Do not see where fe206e is a deal. You can do better with fostex for less money. Or spend more and get a quality fullrange. But YMMV I know many dont get a chance to hear what these drivers can do when used proper. So fe206e since many say is a alright performer might be good enough for folks not able to get the chance to hear better fullrange or wideband transducers.
In our lab at The Galileo Company, we're not studying speakers, but people's perceptions of speakers. In this forum, I notice huge disagreements among honest, thoughtful people about how speakers sound. A good example: David Dicks, an experienced supplier of drivers and custom loudspeakers, says the fe206 is the best speaker Fostex makes (he sells Fostex and other drivers) In this forum, JohnK, an experienced supplier of custom loudspeakers, says the 206 is (perhaps) the worst speaker Fostex makes. He prefers the Fostex 200a. But Dicks says: "Two of these speakers have huge magnets and cast frames. They are very expensive. These are the FX200 and F200A. They do not go high enough in the treble to be truly satisfying. And the midrange is somewhat veiled, soft, and lacking in detail compared to the FE206E."

Since studying peoples' perceptions is my business, I'd be interested in your opinions on two questions:

1.) How is it that experienced, thoughtful, honest people can disagree so much about how the same loudspeakers sound?

2.) What does that say about the current state of loudspeaker design theory?