OPinions on Forte Model 3

Is this amp a blast from the past, or is it easily outclassed by reasonably priced modern amps?
Thanks For your opinions!

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I have owned most of the Forte' amps at one time and still own several. The 3 is a very sweet and airy sounding amp but lacks bottom end "oomph". Even though it is rated for 200 wpc @ 8 and 350 wpc @ 4, it doesn't seem to have the same impact as other similarly rated amps due to the lack of bottom end fullness and "slam". From about 400 Hz on up, i would say that it is truly a beautiful sounding amplifier and easily rivals most other amps that i've owned or heard. If you had an overly warm or "congested" sounding system, this amp might be perfect for you as it is. For the record, i sold my Forte' 4A a while back and decided to use two of the model 3's for the top end in one of my systems. Two of the model 6A's will be doing midrange duty since they are fuller and warmer sounding ( same power rating, different design) along with two other amps to run the woofers. This is not to belittle any of the Forte' product line or others opinions, as they are all great buys compared to most others on the market. It is simply my opinion and what i've found by trying most of them out for myself. Should you have specific questions, please feel free to email me. Sean