Opinions on Focus Audio

I am considering the Focus Audio FS-888. I have briefly auditioned this speaker and was impressed with its performance in that brief audition. Of course before I consider purchasing, I will audution further.

However I wanted to get others opinions on Focus Audio. I am also considering Dynaudio S3.4, PMC OB1 or possibly a used pair of Mezzo Utopias.

My listensing preference is jazz, blues, contemporary with some classical. Pass Labs will be handling the pre and amp duties.

Your input is appreciated.

Sorry, I have not heard the Focus Audio, but I am also looking at speakers in this general range. The Dynaudio Contour 3.4s impressed me the most and I will most likely be purchasing a pair. I have heard good things about the PMC OB1s but do not have a dealer nearby where I could audition them. As I have a new Bryston SST amp I would have liked to have heard them and was wondering if you had the opportunity to audition both the Dynaudio's and the PMC's? If so, would you share any general impressions?

I have also briefly auditioned the PMC and the Dynaudio.

Generally, IMO, I found the speakers to be excellent performers and somewhat similar. In both cases they were very dynamic, had detailed midrange and smooth extended treble. I though the PMC went slightly deeper in the bottom end, which is surprising for its size, but the Dynaudio has tight controlled low end that was is lacking and will not disappoint, unless you favour boomy room shaking bass.

I would suggest you do audition the PMC, if at all possible. If it is not possible and you do decide to go with the S3.4s, you will not be disappointed.

Ron, Thanks for your advice. I'll keep trying to find a pair of OB1's to listen to. If I don't, it is good to hear you think that they sound similar; that speaks well for the OB1s as the Dynaudios I auditioned sounded wonderful, (the 3.4s certainly win extra points for style as well IMHO).
Thanks again,

Your welcome.

The following sentence should say:
"but the Dynaudio has tight controlled low end that was NOT lacking.." sorry for typo.

I agree the PMC are fairly boring in appearance, similar to the previous Dynaudio 3.3. I guess Dynaudio decided to spice things up in the new Contour line.

Good luck in your search.