Opinions on Fluance...

I have just started looking for a good, but relatively inexpensive surround sound setup. I currently have bose accustimass 5, sony sawm500, and a polk monitor center channel powered by a mitsubishi receiver. My current problem is the polk and the bose do not play to nice together.

I plan on upgrading my receiver, want something with DTS and Dolby Digital...

But my first step will be to upgrade my speakers. I do not want to spend much over $300, the lower price the better. I plan on keeping my sub and my center if possible. I have found the Fluance speakers and from the car audio forum people that are into home audio as well, these seem to be highly recommended.

Now I can buy brand new from the manufacturer for just a hair under $300 + shipping for the AV-5 towers and the rear bipolar surround speakers. What category do these speakers fit into, are they worth it? Right now I think my bose sound good, not great but good, so my ears are not all that great based on the horrible replies I hear from everyone on these speakers.

Would it be in my best interest to go ahead and purchase the center channel fro $70 from them right away as well? Or is it better to just buy the 5 speaker package, this package downgrades the front towers and gets rid of the bipolar rears for bookshelf style speakers, but only $130 shipped for towers, rears, and center. Either way these seem like a great buy, but interested in opinions from you guys.

www.fluance.com is there website
I think it is rude - err maybe that's flatulance?
They may be a good buy dollar-wise but not so good sound-wise.
It will be very hard to find floorstanders for under $300 that sound good. B&W Dm601 series 3, Monitor Audio Bronze, Acoustic Energy Aegis 1, Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 are all $300 standmounts that sound very good.
Cheap floorstanders than may sound good (haven't heard them all) B&W 309's, PSB (soundcity may have website that shows them), Monitor Audio Bronze 3, or Axiom- a Canadian company which allows in-home demos.
I havent heard the Fluance's before, so I can't real say how good they are, but I have heard the Wharfedale Diamond series as well as Athena Technoligies Audition F1 and F2. Both can be gotten used for around $300.00 and are excellent speakers for the price.
ok, well I actually went out and picked up some Mission M73 floor standing speakers, 1/2 price, $250 for a pair and they are outstanding (at least to my ears) I read more on Fluance and found out that they arent really all that great. Now I just need a decent receiver and rears!
Commissar, try a Harmon Kardon. I was impressed for the money. It is a high current (for a receiver), wide bandwidth design. They are slightly lively and I think would match well with Mission which could use some dynamic punch.
You can buy refurbished Harman Audio cheap at www.harmanaudio.com
AVR 320-Z
I got the 100wpc HK3470 (2 channel) for $188.