Opinions on Finite Element Pagoda Signature Rack

With an increasing number of components my old 3 tier Solid Tech rack no longer has sufficient spaces and i was considering a 5 tier replacement from FE. I would be interested to hear from FE owners on whether they were happy with their purchases and what impact (if any) the FE rack had on the perceived sound?

Also interested in feedback on Ceraballs, Cerapucs and Cerabase. Are these worth the money?
Hi I bought a a Finite Elemente Master Reference a few years back. I was moving from a Arcici Suspense Rack with some Symposium shelves and various foots (DH cones, roller blocks etc)

The Master Reference (using Cerabase as the feet) made a improvement. Blacker background, better imaging, music more organized. And it wasn't subtle. It's a serious rack.

I am sure their are a few better, the Grand Prix, the Silent Running, and the HRS. But more money to and different looks.

I never tried the ceraballs, but I do have several sets of the cerapucs and they can, on certain equipment, make a major improve yet again. Very synergistic with the FE racks...I have them under my amps right now.

Good Luck
I recently went through a search for the last equipment rack. In the end, I strongly considered HRS, SRA, and FE, in that order. The HRS stuff is expensive, but it holds value and they have an 'entry-level' rack/shelving system.

FWIW, I found FE to be over-stylized, over-marketed, and over-priced. I did not see the value in it. The product brochure turned me off - I didn't want to pay for all those glossy photos. It may sound fine, but that was my perception.
In My Experience,there is no other manufacturers that make better racks than Finite Elemente.The impact you get are quite amazing;more details especilly in the extremes;athe seperations between the instruments become more pronounced,and the soundstage just gets widened and deepened .it is one of the best upgrades that you could do and your equipments will thank you for it.And the improvements are not subtle.

I have 3 different system and I have 3 sets of FE pagode master referance;listening would not be the same without them.Further more,I use their cera feet[depending on the weight]on every single piece of equipment in my system.

I've compared the FE with SRA and found that the SRA makes the sound rather thin.I also compare the FE with Harmonix and found that the harmonix add too much colorations on its own-too much flavour.

Highly recommended.
A set of promotional Ceraballs came with my Signature. They definitely make a difference of similar quality with my preamp (Counterpoint) and my CDP (Cary). They probably make an improvement, but it is not affecting. (A true tweak!) I keep the set under my CDP simply because I have them and they are easier to manage on the top shelf when cleaning.

The Signature looks nice and fits my style, which is largely why I bought it. It is very well made, and the screw shelf supports have remained perfectly tight during the year I have owned it. Prior to the FE I have owned two homemade racks. One made from MDF which sounded like garbage in comparison. The other was an Ikea Lack, which sounds grossly similar to the FE, but I did not A/B them.
this might help;

Where can one buy FE in the US?
Where are you located? My dealer in Austin, Tx stocks some and can order others.
All the talk about the FE Master Reference rack. What about the FE signature rack? The same rack, without the tuning device. Anyone out there compared the two racks?
HRS: expensive and bulky looking. The fancy adds NOTHING to the performance, but it'll take you over the $9k sticker.