Opinions on Epos 303?

Looking for a small speaker.
Found a pair a few hours away.

Anyone have an opinion on these?

I could not find any concrete reviews onoine (either good or bad)

Many thanks,

The EPOS 303 were just reviewed positively in this month's The Absolute Sound. Track down an issue.

Regards, Rich
I saw that.
But I don't trust everything audio mags say.
I was more hoping for a consumer opinion.

I have auditioned the smaller, bookshelf models and was underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe it was bad set up by dealer. Suggest you listen before you buy.

I have owned a number of EPOS speakers over the last 10 years (EPOS 11 and the EL3). I have heard every EPOS speaker but the 303.

The 303 is based on the ELS3. I do not know what difference the extra driver makes to its sound. I was not taken by the ELS3 and have never agreed with the near universal praise (both audio mags and consumer) that it received. I did find that the ELS3 required quality amplification (more than you might think for a $300 speaker) to sound its best. If I were to purchase an EPOS floorstander, I would purchase without hesitation the 15.2 (granted it is double the price).

If you are using tube amplification and wanted a floorstander in the 303's price range , I would consider the Omega Loudspeakers Super 3 XRS .

Regards, Rich