opinions on Emotiva amps ?

I have been looking for a good 5 channel amp, I am interested in the emotiva mps amp, the price seems very resonable, my alterative seems to be a theta intrepid amp, I could use some advise on this as I can't audition either, my speakers are revel m22 and c32 center, but I want to be covered if I change to 4 ohm speakers, thanks
I have an MPS-1 7 channel and am very inexperienced in the grand scheme how ever it produces very clean consistant power and what impresses me the most is how good the sound is at low volume. It is powering a set of ML Vantage with a Stage center. I like it and the Emotive value for the dollar is great. However if you are still considering one you better check them out quick as they are almost out of them