Opinions on Dynaudio Confidence C4

I have the C4's for 6 months now.
My system: Krell KPS 25sc, Bryston 7BST monoblocks, Transparent Reference cables.
I used to own WATT Puppy 5.1's and before that Sonus Faber Extremas and B&W 801 III's.
I am delighted with the C4's.
Very dynamic, almost full-range (down to 25Hz in my room), extended top, fantastic soudstage.
In my room I have a midbass hump +6dB around 80Hz (used to have it with the Wilsons and B&W's as well.
I would like to hear other opinions regarding the C4, and how they match with other amps and speaker cables (any Nordost users with the C4's?)

The C4's have a very nice midrange, lots of clarity. IMO the top and bottom end are a little rolled off but still able to provide good bass extension that you can feel. It does not have the speed or dynamics of the Watt/Puppy 7's. If I had to characterize the sound of the C4 I would call it tubey.

I would try a tube preamp and add cables and ic's that can enhance the systems speed.

I used to have a C-J tube preamp in my system.
More "air" around instruments with the C-J (Johnny Hodges' alto sax will make you cry) and a wider soundstage, but I do prefer the Krells, much quieter backgrounds, more clarity and better extension at both ends.
Before replacing my Wilson 5.1's I listened extensively to Watt/Puppy 6 and later 7's. I finaly opted for the C4 (I couldn't afford the Evidence or Temptation) as I found the Dynaudios less agressive and maybe a bit more musical than the Wilsons.
I am definitely in the market for different (faster) cables.



I used Acoustic Zens with success on my 1.3SEs, and wouldn't hesitate to use them with C4s (i almost bought C2s, but presented some room issues)
Try the Audience Au 24 speaker cable. Super fast and musical and natural with great extension. One of the best values in audio along with their power cords.
I heard the C4s at a show room and they sounded great. I picked up the C2s. about a month ago they sound good too. but not as dynamic as the C4s. I'm running them on a Mark Levinson 23.5, which is OK, but I know they can sound better with a newer amp.
Question about the C4s?

I am interested but have a very big room - about 28'x30' and a vaulted ceiling that starts at 16't and rises up from there. I am in the middle of replacing my entire system - I went from Quicksilver gear, V4s and line preamp, and currently have the McIntosh MC2200 and plan on buying a pair of MA2101s.

I currently run a pair of Jamo Concert 11s, which fill the room nicely, at least with the V4s, and it seems to me that either the C2s or C4s would do everything the Concert 11s do and more- with the C4 extending that much further compared to the C2s.

Any thoughts...