Opinions on Dynaudio Confidence 2s


I am thinking about purchasing these speakers. Anyone have any opinions of them. I will be using Proceed AVP2 and HPA2 to drive them. They will be part of a home theatre system that is also 50% music only.

Thank you in advance
I have them and i'm using VAC PA 100 amp(tube 100w) and they are amazing. just hooked them up to simaudio w-3 and they have taken it to a whole other level. make sure you give them good,clean,hi-power
Heard the Dynaudio Confidence 5 recently. Superb speaker!! This speaker was being driven by a 150W/ch pure class-A power amp of very high retail value!
I have noted that the above speaker & the Confidence 3 are 86dB(@ 1m, 1W). It is very likely that the Confidence 2 is also 86dB(@ 1m, 1W). Thus, I agree w/ Echoes - give the speaker some very high quality, high current power amp to allow it to perform its best otherwise, you'd be settling for some very mediocre sound. FWIW.