Opinions on Dunlavy SC IVA , V , VI...

I'm curious about sound, reliability (1st order crossovers are known for blowing tweeters and midranges) and overall satisfaction from the owners of these discontinued monsters...
previously owned IV and V models had 1 tweeter die from manufacture defect. Reliability problems really don't exist in my experience these designs have enough drivers employed so none are really stressed. A first order crossover is phase correct which is very important to sound quality But requires more drivers if it's going to be reliable at higher volumes something the Dunlavy has no problems whatsoever doing for extended time periods. satisfied definitely both are excellent especially at their used prices. yes there is better speakers available but it's going to cost alot more money for that small improvement over the Dunlavy you achieve. Resolution is just about perfect not too much and not really lacking any ether. Especially good for lesser quality recordings this is very important. they have excellent bass and soundstage very well also Did I mention they definitely will play rock music very well they also are very good match for tube amplifiers. upgrade the binding posts for a nice overall improvement.
I have three different systems all with Dunlavy speakers. I can say without question they are the most satisfying products I have ever heard. The only really challenging aspects to owning them have to do with physical size and space. Rewards are many. Amazingly tight deep bass. Pin - point imaging. A sound stage that wraps all the way around 180 degrees (if called for).

Dunlavy's are the real deal. Overbuilt? Yes, I suppose so.
Thank you guys. I'm especially interested at the SC V's because they are the latest big model of Dunlavy (the V were built in 2000, the VI's, although their reference model, were built in 1995). Do you think that they have a refined and musical sound like, just to mention one, the Avalon ?
I've owned and enjoyed SC-IV, SC-IVa, SC-V over the years. Am presently using SC-IV, SC-III for center channel, SC-II for surrounds for a very effective home theatre system. This system has just the right ammount of resolution and will play all the great lease breaking movie soundtracks at very high volumes. One word of caution on early SC-V. The early models had DOME MIDRANGES, yes DOME midranges. These drivers were problematical- I had one or two crap out at fairly high, but not extreme, volume levels. This problem was pretty common and in the later SC-V they replaced the dome midrages with the more conventional cone midrange drivers and I don't beleive thay had any further midrange driver failures. Dunlavys are a very well balanced speaker and an excellent value at current used prices.
I appreciate Fbhifi's comments on the the SC-V(s). I have a set of the earlier versions and had to replace the dome midrange drivers in one of the speakers. Amazingly, though, it was really simple to do and Madisound stocks the drivers. Overall, I'm still quite pleased with the performance of the speakers and they look (and sound) especially cool with the grills off.

I was listening again tonight and I never cease to be amazed at the soundstage these units produce in my living room.
Thanks again. There are different versions of the V's ? When J. Dunlavy released the latest version of these speakers, do you know (previously I simply read the specs and date of release on the Agon bluebook) ?
my V's were very early production units had no midrange problems whatsoever with mine
No more opinions from Dunlavy owners, especially for the SC V version ? Thanks
I have a pair of Dunlavy Alethas - I've had them for a few years now and have never had any problems with them.