Opinions on digital interconnect

Between a Krell MD 10 transport and Theta Gen 3 balanced D/A.
Any recommendations for about $200 max on the usd market.
Kimber Illuminations D-60, hands down. You should be able to find a one meter around $200.00 or a half meter at around $125.00.
One that comes to mind is the Acoustic Zen MC². It sounds very open, smooth, and creates a nice sense of scale, all for around $180 or less used for an RCA terminated one meter digital cable.
The Stereovox HDVX is $100 and they just announced an improved version for a little bit more. These guys really know what they're doing.
I suggest you look at the Audio Horizons interconnects. I'm using a 1M balanced digital interconnect between my transport and DAC. Resolution and tonal balance are excellent. There is a free trial program. The price corresponds to your need. See details and user comments at
I second the Illuminations D-60. It was heads above the usual suspects in my setup.. I got my 1 meter here on Audiogon for just under $200.00

The Pure Note Paragon digital cable bested my D60. New price is $225 1m per their website. I have all Krell components.
Just for the record, the creator of the D-60 mentioned so frequently above is now designing the Stereovox HDVX and XV2 cables, if that tells you anything. His newer work easily surpasses the D-60, classic that it may be...
I've owned the D60 and Stereovox as well. They're both definitely very smooth, neutral cables.

For my taste, I chose the Acoustic Zen MC² because it had slightly more organic presentation. Whether this is something you'd want to add to your existing set up is for you to decide. Where I thought the MC² "outperformed" both the D60 and Stereovox was in soundstage size and sense of scale. The other two sounded quite small in comparison, where the MC² created an immense soundstage.

Another cable I own and like is the Virtual Dynamics Nite. In terms of scale it is similar to the Acoustic Zen, but it has a more neutral and somewhat drier presentation. I swap them depending on my system configuration, but for the past two years I've only been using the MC².

Here's the irony. Neither the Acoustic Zen MC² or Virtual Dynamics Nite are ture 75ohm digital cables. I believe the MC² is 110ohms and the Nite is an analog cable. Go figure.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Pure Note as well.