Opinions...on Digital Cables for Esoteric Gear

......I currently have the Esoteric PO-05, DO-05 and GO-3X clock set up and would like to hear from the members here on what AES/ EBU digital cables they would use with this set up. I currently have the Purist Audio Designs 20th Anniversary's - and would like to see if I could improve on those cables. Thank you
I exclusively use the Acrolink cables on my Esoteric gear.
My entire system was wired with PAD Proteus Provectus and 20th Anniversary cables but then changed EVERYTHING to a company from Poland that has been making cables for over 10 years called Audiomica Labs. More open on top, cleaner, fuller and even more natural. Have not looked back!

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Maybe try Artisan, Silnote or High Fidelity.

Give me your Esoteric units!
HI, the Purist Digital cables are very special. I've had Proteus Provectus Praesto for my clock cables in my prior dCS Scarlatti System. I did upgrade to Transparent Ref XL digital and preferred them. Disclaimler, I also use Transparent speaker and interconnect so some synergy maybe in play here...

I've since upgraded my Scarlatti to Vivaldi...and use the Trans Ref XL digital for AES/EBU now...

there are some wonderful cable/cords coming out of Poland and that part of the world. Where are you located and which brand(s) do you represent?

All other suggestions are great. Big Transparent fan here- their cables are outstanding! When thinking about power cord for Esoteric, audition the Wireworld Electra 7 or Platinum series. Happy Listening!
....the thread locusts have come and gone. Okay, so outside of the self serving answers and the strange ; ''Give me your Esoteric units ! '' ..... I am looking into the Acrolink's which I was considering and now also Transparent in which along with MIT, I have never been a fan of either, great cables just not for me. Maybe it's the '' boxes '' ......design the cable and it would seem that a'' box'' would not be necessary. Just my thought.....my short list may also include Siltech which do make some great cables. If anybody else out there owns Esoteric separate's ....drop me an email and ...thank you for all of your posts and time as it is appreciated.
Hi no boxes on Transparent's digital cables...
I have dCS Vivaldi and tried Nordost Odin AES/EBU cables but it sounded a bit too dim, changed to Audioquest Diamond but it was too bright, finally settled with Audioquest Wel Signature which has the right balance.

Recently I changed all clock cables to Nordost Valhalla BNC. The improvement was more than expected. You should use high quality digital cables for the clock, at least in the same league as the other digital cables if not better in order to get the best out of the clock.
Have heard many but not all, and have not heard one that bests the Stealth Sextet AES/EBU digicable.

zensati authentica digital cable (as any of their cables) will blow you away.
Hello - I do agree that the BNC cable to the clock is important as I have a Purist Audio Proteus Provectus on piece.

I have never heard of Zensati Authentica cables - no web site

Neal - I am looking into the Stealth Sextet Vardrig's - these have come up before - so why do you like them and have you used them with Esoteric gear ????

Jrech - I looked into the Transparent's and they are on my list as well - thank you