Opinions on Dacs...

Looking for a budget DAC...
Not to bright 
A little warmer...



Audiolab mdac

Ps audio digital link iii

Benchmark dac 1

Schiit bifrost uber ..

Graham Slee bitzie

Thanks guys!

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I have an original Ayre QB-9 and I love it.  The Schiit Iggy does not do DSD so keep that in mind.  The limitation of the original QB-9 is only a USB input.  The Ayre Codex also has a Toslink input which I can use with my Oppo CDP and it is compared very favorably with the new QB-9 DSD DAC.  So, personally, I am in the market for a used Codex.  Other DACs to consider are the Holo and Border Patrol.  A used QB-9 DAC would be a fine choice if you can live with only a USB input.