Opinions on Dacs...

Looking for a budget DAC...
Not to bright 
A little warmer...



Audiolab mdac

Ps audio digital link iii

Benchmark dac 1

Schiit bifrost uber ..

Graham Slee bitzie

Thanks guys!
Listen to the Parasound Z DAC and Schiit.

Then if you can find something better in your budget, buy it.

Check out borderpatrol  
I have the PSAUDIO Digital Link 3.  I wouldn’t describe it as bright.  Be aware that it’s usb input is not asynchronous (or at list mine isn’t, perhaps they updated it if they still sell it)
Schiit would be my choice. And, if possible a used Gungnir, you can have it converted to Multibit later. It's much better than the Bifrost (which I owned before the Gungy).
I have an original Ayre QB-9 and I love it.  The Schiit Iggy does not do DSD so keep that in mind.  The limitation of the original QB-9 is only a USB input.  The Ayre Codex also has a Toslink input which I can use with my Oppo CDP and it is compared very favorably with the new QB-9 DSD DAC.  So, personally, I am in the market for a used Codex.  Other DACs to consider are the Holo and Border Patrol.  A used QB-9 DAC would be a fine choice if you can live with only a USB input.  
I'd cross the Benchmark off your list as "a little warmer" is not likely in its skill set.  The increasing number of NOS R2R DACs may be to your liking as they retain detail yet can also have a hint of organic warmth.  The Metrum Amethyst includes a good bit of the technology from their acclaimed upper-tier DACs but at a lower price point and might be worth a good look.  Best of luck. 

I use the PS Audio DL III in a second system. For USB I use a USB?SPDIF converter into the coax input.  PS Audio did produce a replacement for the DL III that has asynchronous USB. Forgot what they called it.