Opinions on Counterpoint Amps/Upgrades

Seems there are always reasonably priced Counterpoint amps around. They have their loyal fans, plus extensive updates are available through the original designer. Anybody who has had the SA-20/220 or 400 series or heard them I would be interested in your comments. I can't really afford the current SS Plinius/BAT or tubed VTL/ARC/VAC amps that are usually paired in reviews of my speakers (Alon Vs). Any help appreciated. Thanks!
I used to have a lot of interaction with Counterpoint products. I had an SA-20 on loan for about 8 months. Time was around 1991. Was among the better brands back then. The hybrid technology in their big amps was nice. But, as time has progressed, my opinions now favor all tube products. As an alternate, I would buy solid state products from companies like Classe, Linn, Rowland, etc. The track record of Counterpoint is littered with people who have had a major league hard time in obtaining service. Also, many swear the products are as unreliable as it gets. However, I never found that in my experience.
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I have used Counterpoint gear since 1990 and have owned the Sa1000,2000,3000 preamps, the Sa2 m/c stepup, sa100,sa220 amps, and now currently own a SA11/Sa9 phone/line stage preamp and Pac 5 line conditioners..the only thing that has failed me was the Sa220 due to my stupidity in touching the speaker leads in the same output, this took out some mosfets which Counterpoint fixed...the Pac 5 went out once and was fixed. Back in the early to mid 90's, service was a bit slow due to the sheer number of product they sold. My Sa11/9 combo has worked almost flawlessly for 7 years now( knock on wood) and I would not sell them unless I was offered big $$. The Sa220 imho was a refined sounding beast, great dynamics but still has the tube bloom and lushness. The caveat here, is that ive heard that the output devices used in that amp are no longer available, so if it goes down you would have to have it upgraded my M Elliot. The good news is that I have been able to speak to Mr Elliot on the phone and he seems to be very under control and available to speakwith if any problems arise. Would I buy an Sa220 now, sure, if have been looking for a pair to bridge, when they go down a bit in price, to me it will be a no brainer.
I have owned Counterpoint equipment since the early 90's. I currently have an SA3000, a Claritas(EASE), 2 NP400's, and a recently upgraded DA10, which now handles 24/96. I have never had any problems with any of the gear. You may want to note that Michael Elliot warranties these amps if you upgrade them and can personally testify that he has been very helpful, responsive, and straightforward The first Elliot upgrade I had was his "ultimate" up-grade on my NP400 amp. I've had it for about a year, and friends have brought over dozens of other amps for comparison against it. You can see my review, under A Ruhl, on his website. I liked it so much that I will be sending my other newly acquired NP400 to him to duplicate. I think you will probably find that an SA220 is probably your best bet for "value", and 1 can be found for well under a grand. I've done enough comparison that I'm firmly set on keeping the gear for good. In short, I couldn't be happier with thr gear. I'm also currently playing around with my newly upgraded DA10, and so far, so good.
Thanks for info, guys, I know that reliability has been a BIG issue with some of the Counterpoint gear. However, my goal with a SA-220 would specifically to get it upgraded for my hungry Alons, so MOSFET failure not really a concern. Newer BAT, Plinius, Classe, Pass, VTL, VAC et al amps beefy enough to drive Alon Vs are big bucks, whereas the SA220s can usually be picked up $800-900 so even with upgrades the total cost would be 1-3k less than alternatives USED. Just trying to gage the risk. Really appreciate hearing from the flks who have had the rebuilds. Thanks again.
I owned the sa-7/sa-12 combo about 12 years ago. The sa-12 failed twice, bigtime (once taking out a speaker in the process); the sa-7 failed once, but under circumstances that may be understandable. Right out of the box, they sounded great for the money, but long term reliability was a problem even with a manufacturer to complain to. Without one, and buying used, I wouldn't take the chance myself.
Dar, have heard a couple stories like yours, which was why I was posting thread. Was realy curious to hear especially from folks who'd had the rebuilds, because that's what I would do, and my specific interest in Counterpoint. Buy cheap SA-220 and have rebuilt. When the Mosfets go they're gone, plus they are a bit fuzzy anyway. In my perusal of the website, upgraded output devices appear to be much superior to original Mosfets anyway. The downside to this, I guess would be resale and no local dealer for repair if needed. It sounds like the guys w/rebuilds have had better luck with reliability and service. Thanks for chiming in.