Opinions on Classe Cam-350's?

Does anyone know how these compare with the new cam-400's? Are these amps known for any weaknesses? Thanks
I don't know how they compare to the new Cam-400's, but I did live with CAM-350's for well over a year.
I think that those amplifiers have great impact and have a smooth musical sound with very good resolution.
They definetely do not image as well as some other amplifiers.
I used them with Dunlavy SC-V's, Vandersteen 3A Signatures, 3A Signatures with Subs, and Vandersteen 5's.
I eventually had to upgrade them, because they were not giving me the imaging that I wanted, and they had a signature that I grew to dislike.
I moved to Audio Research amplifiers after those.

Sorry I can't help with comparisons to the current CAM-400.

Autoll, I can't help you out about the differences between the Cam-400's and the Cam-350's, but I can share the following information regarding the Cam-350's. About three years ago I went through a long audition process, which included seven different amps, and finally decided that in my system the two best amps were the Cam-350 mono-blocks and the Edge NL-10. The Cam-350's were detailed, dynamic,excellent top/bottom extension and were very smooth and silky. I thought the EdgeNL-10 did everything somewhat better, but it also cost $5000.00 more then the Classe amps. I could have easly lived with and enjoyed the Cam-350's, but was lucky enough that I could spend the extra money on the Edge to get a higher level of performance. So, if you can get a good used pair of these beautifully built and wonderful sounding amps at a good price, I would go for it. I believe you would have to spend another $3500.00 to $4500.00 dollars to get a much better sounding amp on todays market. An example would be an amp like the new Pass LabsX-250.5, which is a great sounding piece, but would cost you alot more money, and doesnot make the Classe amps sound like "chopped liver" by any means.
I used the Cam-350s for several years. They are excellent amps. There sound is on the warm side of neutral. They will drive any speaker you throw at them without breakin a sweat. I sold mine because there size became a factor in my rig, and ever since I regret parting with them. Have not heard the new Cam-400 so no comment.
have the cam 350's are they are very nice.. most big ss amps this size lose out on finess, microdynamics, pace, musicality... the cam 350's dont (IMO)... they can drive pretty much anything and not break a sweat

i think to do better you have to spend A LOT more money...again..IMO

btw, they are a true dual differential design amd really sound better with xlr interconnects and gear..i tried rca's and it was a night and day difference..

hope that helps..
No experience with the 350, however, I have just purchased the CAM 400 to drive b&w 803s. IMHO, these guys produce suprb detail , clarity and soundstage, their lower end may not be "wild" but is definitely authorative, well controlled and amazingly detailed. To my ears this combo sounds better than the Mcintosh monoblocks with the same speakers.
I agree with mamhoon ,have cam 400 delta monos driving b&w 803D the 350s are good in their own right but the 400s are much better in every way ...