Opinions on Classé CAM-350

Anyone heard these new monoblocks from Classe? Opinions?
Just bought a pair, almost but not quite burned in. Use w/ Arcam FMJ-CD23, Classe CP-60, Dynaudio Confidence 5. They sound wonderful. My other choice was Bryston 7BST, Classe just sounds better. Very high current excellent match for the 5's compound woofer. Grainless treble, beautiful midrange, paid $6k. Excellent value.
Thanks for the input. They retail for $3500 each. If you don't mind saying, where did you find for $6000 for the pair? Also, was there a wait after placing the order?
The dealer told me 7-10 days wait on the monoblocks because Classe' will not assemble them until they have a purchase order from the dealer. The demos were not consecutive serial numbers so I suspect they were part of a big initial shipment to dealers about a month ago. I took the demos home with a written agreement that I can swap them for the new ones when they arrive if I want to. The pricing was kind of an unusual deal. E-mail me @ [email protected] if you want to know the story.