Opinions on Classe Amps?

Looking at the 301....Speakers are Legacy Sig III,s , Preamp is an Integra RDC-7. Thanks.
I just ordered the 301s, running Sonus Faber speakers. Dynamic, detailed and goes loud without strain, excellent on blues and jazz. I compared the 301s with the Classe CA 400 and the 301s just had more control and power on the backburner. Maybe they had to do with the new omega-based design. The 400 was more tubey, warmer and a bit better on vocals, but I was looking for an amp that could be cranked for both music and home theater, which I believe would suit your Integra.
Classe makes great stuff. I had a CA-200 driving a pair of Legacy Classics, was very happy with the combo. Warm and musical, especially for solid state. Since the upgrade bug hit, I have neither anymore. Currently I have a Threshold T400 driving a pair of Vienna Acoustic Beethovens, but I still have a Classe CP-60 preamp and a CDP1 CD player.

Try a search in the forums. There has been lot's of discussions on Classe amps. Since I have one for sale I won't comment.
I once owned the CA301, thought is was pretty good until a friend "loaned" me his Innersound ESL.

The ESL "killed" the CA301, in every single parameter. This was most noticable with my M.L. Requests, but was also apparent on a pair of Hale T5's.

Just a thought & observation... -- you might want to audition the ESL before buying the Classe.

Good luck!
I know nothing about Classe seperates but I did have some experience with integrateds.

My experience was not very positive unfortunately. Firstly a CAP 150 I bought used had some terrible buzzing problems. The dealer aknowledged the problem but told me it would take Classe forever to repair it. So he tried to repair the amp himself not telling me that he wasn't authorized to do so by Classe. When I got the amp back the problems still persisted but the tonal quality was off, with an overt amount of sibillance and a high-pitched squeeling sound that could be heard in silences, not to mention the same buzzing. I insisted that the amp be sent back to Classe since it was still under warranty.

Classe then agreed to take it in after hearing from the dealer but they promptly sent it back saying they could not find any problems with the unit.

The dealer then tested the amp on the bench, found a number of anomolies and sent it back to Classe. THIS TIME Classe found a number of problems with the unit. They told me that they would do me a favor because the amp had been poorly repaired by the dealer and that they don't normaly honor transfered waranties, (though they later mentioned that they could have transferred the remaining warranty via the dealer. Un fortunately the dealer wasn't even aware of this possibility.)

Eventualy after two repair attempts by Classe, even replacing the entire volume control assembly and leaky caps Classe gave up on it , refused to replace it, and asked me to get my money back from the dealer, who, happily agreed and then turned around and resold the same unit to someone else at a higher price...

Classe then offered me a deal if I bought another integrated new. (Unfortuantely the rather beauracratic and somewhat elitist marketing and sales rep would not disclose to me what he would offer as an incentive to the new dealer, so I was forced to treat the entire affair as a new negotiation.) I was made to feel as if I was at fault and Classe was doing me a largesse fit for a king. I accepted.

Unable to afford a brand new Cap 151 I opted for a CAP 101. The dealer told me that Classe had offered very little toward the deal but they would complete the favor by giving a further discount. The dealer seemed to have his hands tied by Classe. I accepted.

Putting all the bad blood aside I excitedly took the new amp home and listened to it for two weeks. Then POOF! A blown tweeter on one of my speakers after hearing an extremely high frequency that sent my dog running for cover. With the help of Audiogon and Audio Asylum I learned about HFO and immediately took the amp back to the dealer who also suggested HFO.

The amp went back to Classe who made me wait before finaly sending an email that they had extensively tested the machine, found absolutely nothing wrong with it BUT they would like me to contact a head engineer as soon as possible. After a lengthy conversation with a head of product design, (who inadvertently admitted to not having seen the amp in question), it was basicaly agreed that it must have been HFO.

By this time 5 months had gone by since my initial Classe purchase and I was fed up. The dealer fortunately was sympathetic and extremely reasonable, they fixed the speaker free of charge, Classe did not formaly admit to HFO. I gave up on Classe.

I believed and still believe that Classe makes some fine Ultra HIGH END amplifiers and maybe I was just "unlucky". I was not pleased however with Classe's constant attempt to shift the burden of blame to me, and not looking after the problem with a little more humanity. I'm quite glad I do not have $20,000 to spend on audio equipment, because if this happened at that level I would have taken drastic measures and the whole fiasco might still be ongoing.

Very High end Classe seems to have a fine sound. As for the "lower end", I learned through all the loaners I used during the course of my periple that "just-as-good" if not "better" could be had at more reasonable prices.

Just my humble 2 cents.
Is there a big different on CA-201 and CA-301, if there is is it because of the 301 was build on using omega series is it truth how does each other compared?
I'd say the 201 and 301 are identical except for the wattage, though I admit I've never owned a 201. The Omega series is the last word in Classe technology, and are slightly more advanced than the 01 series.

When built into the right system these amps sound great. They have good musical characteristics and provide lots of slam when you need it. I've owned at least four classe amps over the years and can testify that they look stunning sound great and are built like small Sherman tanks.
I have only heard them at dealers. Almost bought one. They seem to offer a lot of the goods the big boys do at a lower cost. I found them to be fairly warm sounding for solid state at there price points. How ever IMHO there was a bit "chalkiness" in the lower treble that didn't suit me.