Opinions on CJ Sonographe SA 400

I recently purchased a Conrad Johnson Sonographe SA 400.
I am using the Conrad Johnson PV 10A as a preamp. Does
anyone have an opinion as to how this amp combo compares
to the newer models from CJ. Also would anyone know
if this amp has enough power for something like a Vienna
Acoustics Beethoven? I'm running the Bachs now.

I own this amp and enjoy it except for one thing. In a very, very, quiet room I can hear the amps transformer hum softly from my listening chair when no music is playing. Just wondering if you notice this with your amp. I had a Sonographe SA-120 before the SA-400, and it was dead quiet.

I have SA 400 for 5 years now, and also had problems with
tranformer hum, but I always assumed that main reason for this is european 50Hz mains vs 60Hz in states.
Amp chasis is pretty large and amplify transformer hum so I deadened it by two strategicaly placed wooden rods inside. All hum is gone!

In 5yrs period I've listened to a lot of other amps and always returning to my modified PV10AL and SA-400.
Musicaly wise is really bargain.

Other equipment: CD player:Arcam Alpha 9 (modified),
Speakers: Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano and JMLab Micro Utopia, Cables from QED and Nordost