Opinions on Cayin A70 or Unison Sinfonia?

After doing several more auditions, I've come across these two integrated amps to start my first 2Ch system. In comparing both of these to various Rogue gear over the weekend, I felt that both had strengths (liquid midrange) and weaknesses (not nearly as much bass) that I could live with. More importantly, I can actually see the tubes glow. (A stupid thing to base a purchase decision on but I really want to see them.)

Although I've seen some input on the Cayin A88, I not seen any reviews or posts regarding the A70. The A70 seems very similar but less wattage. It has the ability to switch from triode to ultralinear on the fly and has a HT bypass that I would use.

Unfortunately (for me) I also fell in love with a Unison Sinfonia over the weekend driving Reference L'Integral Nouveau speakers. It a beautiful auto biasing amp but $5K is virtually my entire budget. For the cost of the Sinfonia I can get the Cayin as well as an Adona rack and a Richard Gray 600S. I seen no reviews at all on Unison tube gear. Nada.

I guess I'm looking for some sort of validation to get either but I know I'll always have a question in the back of my head about what I should or could have done. Sort of like my marriage. I hate this hobby already and I haven't even gotten started yet. (Lord - please don't let my wife ever become a member of Audiogon).

Any feedback for a raw newbie would be appreciated.
The 70T is actually more powerful than the 88T. The 70T that is made for the states is 55WPC. I preferred the sound of the 70T to the 88T in a direct AB.
I was led to believe the same thing however I just checked AcousticSounds.com and their site says that the 70T is 30 watts.
I called the US importer, VAS, and they confirmed that all 70Ts in the US are 55W per channel. They are specially made for the US market to accomodate the larger living spaces found here (as compared to those in Asia and Europe).

To complicate matters, I'm now told there is a new US A100T model at 70wpc. Similar to some Rogue amps, it has a built in bias meter. Apparently it has an active pre-amp section versus passive one in the 70T.
Hi you didn't say which rogue you listened to? If it was the Coronus then I don't think it would have measured up, I used to have an old model 88 rogue amp,should have kept it I have a pair of martin logan aerius speakers,now I am pretty much made up my mind to get the Rogue Tempest Integrated it has 90watt per,a passive preamp,and Having expierance with Mark Obrien (the owner) I can say he will take care of you and stand behind his product at $2700 you get a 3 year warrenty.Sounds like I'm a Rogue dealer eh? Well unison really has me intriged however they don't have the support at this time in the usa the same goes true for Cayin,I believe that both the cayin and the unicon my be slightly better giving the nod to cayin just for price but the Rogue is have built here is the usa and that says something to me.Nick