Opinions on Carver TFM 55x-THX?

I just bought this amp. It replaced my Parasound 2200II, which used to power my two Citation subs. The bass is not as noticeable with the Carver amp, despite being about 130 more watts per channel than the Parasound...any thoughts or opinions?

Thank you in advance!
The Carver TFM series are what Bob Carver designed to replicate the sound of a tube amp and intentionally rolled off the highs and lows. The power supply in the Carver is also not as beefy as what was in the Parasound. Both of these differences would make the bass have less weight and articulation. So much for specs.
Thank you...I'm just a little thrown off by the way these amps are marketed. I figured with all that power the result would have been a bit different.
Carver amps are OVERRATED!I owned a Carver A-760x for years,then bought a Parasound HCA-3500 power amp.Eve though the Parasound is rated lower, it goes louder without compression, has a more extended top-end, sounds smoother, and the bass extension, bass power, bass detail, bass control, and bass slam is MUCH, MUCH BETTER than the Carver!The Parasound has a MUCH BIGGER power supply tha the Carver.I will never buy another Carver amp! I am using Paradigm Reference Studio/100 v.2 loudspeakers, and an Adcom GFP-750 preamp with the Parasound.Bass of the Parasound is dead-even with the Bryston 7B ST mono-blocks!