Opinions on capacitor upgrade

Hi all, I posted this over in audio circle but a quick glance at thread dates, and it looks like that forum is dying. I've got some amp upgrades coming up, new transform errors, and thinking I will leave the VCAPS in place.

That leaves my Zu Union speakers, currently, with Clarity MR 1uF on the tweeter. It's a basic model so I'm hoping the cap changes will actually matter more than with an esoteric model.

Quote from: wushuliu on 5 Dec 2013, 08:29 am
I don't think the Flats will be an upgrade over MR, just a different presentation. I think you have to get into VhAudio/teflon/Deuland territory to improve on the MR. Also Tubestore still has some Ampohm Copper/Tin Foil, etc caps left. I think those would land you somewhere in between in terms of presentation.

The current plan is two swap out the Clarity MR for some 600v .47uF copper in foil Jupiter caps.

Zu advised I can find some possible added benefit with another .1uF bypass cap in parallel but I'm probably not going to do that right now.

Raven Audio is offering some interesting silver foil in Teflon but not a ton of reviews. Any thoughts on adding the extra bypass or trying a different value?
I would advise against any by pass on the tweeter section. Just use 1 high quality cap- different caps different sounds. I'm just getting ready to install
a pair of jupiter flat stack 4.7 uf for my Esotar tweeters. The copper are highly reviewed so good luck.
For the tweeter, the vcap tftf would likely sound exceptional, very open and lots of depth the jupiter cannot muster, but very nice smooth and detailed cap.

You might be surprised if a 0.01uf tftf could open up the sound without having to change the MR.