Opinions on budget TT

Which of these budget TT combo's would be the best sonically. I have nailed it down to these models, Rega P3-24 w/Exact or Ortofon Bronze, Pro-ject Xperience w/Ortofon Bronze or Sumiko EVO 111, Pro-ject Xpression 111 same cartridge set-up, or a used ClearAudio Emotion w/Ortofon Bronze or Black. Budget is between $1000 to $1200. Would like to spend less if possible. The only one of these tables i heard was the Rega P3-24 w/Elys 11 which was about three months ago, then my car broke down which put my purchase on hold. Now i am back looking. Opinions appreciated. Thanks

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Plenty of info here on the KAB-Technics tables if you are looking for bang for the buck. It would fit nicely with your system.
My vote goes for the Rega P3-24. Lots of
cool upgrades available for the Rega.
I vote for the Rega as well. I have one and it serves very well. After you get your car repaired, do some of the mods and bring it to a higher level without spending a lot.
of the ones listed, the clearaudio is the one. plays well above the price you're paying.
I'd want to consider the Scheu Cello with that budget.

I would add another vote for the Rega tables, which are far better than the Project for the money. The Exact 2 cartridge is a great match. I have not heard the Clearaudio.
jaybo, please tell me more about the clearaudio-interested in buying a marantz tt15 or ca emotions cmb table.
I purchased a slightly used Music Hall MMF-7 here on A'gon, just ot test the analog waters again (I've listened to digital exclusively for the last 8-10 years). It comes with a Goldring Eroica h/o moving coil cartridge. It has proven to be one, if not one of the most, musically satisfying audio purchases I have ever made. I can't recommend it highly enough. I now use my $7500 CD player to warm up my system, prior to listening to my turntable. Oh yes, the price, used....slightly (and I do mean slightly, as it appeared to be in almost new condition), was $650. It's a no brainer, do a google search, and see what others have to say also.
I have a Rega P3-24 tweaked to the bone and I like it.
"So the last piece of the puzzle is the cartridge."

whackey- everything is subjective...cart choice is REAL subjective.
I have tried 4 popular MC carts on my VPI.
Sumiko Blackbird
Benz Micro Glider 

The ART9 seems to have the positive attributes of those carts, in a package UNDER $1K. There is a sizable thread on the ART9, a  few Prime owners have shared their thoughts.

Orpheus-"Rega P3 tweaked to the bone"
I had a P5 with mods, which added up to the value of the stock table! Good fun and shockingly good sonics. 

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