Opinions on Bryston B60 or B60R

What are people's opinions about/experience with mating a Bryston B60 (or B60R, not sure the difference) with my Joseph Audio RM22si signatures. Is it enough power? Good match?

Seems like a good bargain for me at around $1000 used, since it offers a one-stop-shopping solution, and also offers home theater passthrough for my surround setup.
"R" includes remote control. Your speaker manufacturer should be able to advise you. Aside from an inability to deliver power into loads under 4 ohms this is a sweet & robust-sounding unit with the various speakers that I have used it with: JM Reynaud, Totem, Triangle etc. For me, a 'final' purchase.
I am using a B60R with Totem Rokk speakers and the result is incredible. I am bi-wiring with Radio Shack solid core (two strands each side - treble, three strands each side mid/bass). After burn in sounds better than 10K systems.