Opinions on Bryston- Anthem combo

I'm using Bryston SP-1 with the Anthem MCA-50 in the home theater set-up (70%/30% music/movies), Paradigm Studio Reference 100 V2 as fronts and Paradigm Studio CC, Atoms for SS. After reading all these posts about the components synergy, etc., starting to get a little nervous if this is a right combo. Would appreciate greatly your input, better yet if anybody had an experience with Bryston- Anthem combo specifically. I'm also using Sony DVP NS999ES as a front end and Signal Cable IC's and SC's.
My best regards to everybody!

Short answer: In my humble opinion, if you want optimal synergy, stay in the same product line. The SP-1 was designed in mind to be used with the B-ST product line. Why break the two apart?

Long answer: I too own Paradigm Sudio 100's, Studio CC, Studio ADPs, and two Servo-15s. Right now I am using a Sony DVP9000es DVD player, Bryston 4B-ST amp for fronts, Sony ES 9000 Pre/Pro, and Sony 9000es 5-channel amp for hometheater applications. Kimber KCAGs, 8TCs, and PK 10/14 Golds all around.

I added the Bryston 4b-ST to the system about a year after I bought the Sony and Paradigm equipment. Needless to say, the improvement in sound was quite obvious. The 4B-ST blends very well with the Paradigm 100's. A few months later, I listened to an SP-1 connected to the 4B-ST. Wow!

If it is synergy you are looking for, I would suggest purchasing a used 4B-ST connected to the SP-1 with XLR wires. Keep the Bryston equipment together! You should still be able to use your anthem amp for home theater applications and the 4B-ST for stereo/front channels in a 5.1 system.

As always, let your ears be the deciding factor. As you are probably well aware, the 100's tend to be a little bright. When I combined the 4B-ST (an amp known for delivering good bass response) to my system, I noticed that some of this brightness was diminished.

I am planning on upgrading to the SP-1.7 this March (I should finally have the $ by then). If you like, I will let you know how it sounds.

I hope this helps. Once again, it is just my humble opinion. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. You may also want to speak with "Sdcampbell" (this is his Audiogon member name). He is probably the nicest guy on this website and one of the most informative in my opinion. I believe he is using a Bryston SP-1, 4B-St and 5B-ST combo. I would value his opinion much more then my own.

Thanks for your time.
Why are you "starting to get nervous"? If you don't like the sound, then move to another piece!..not a big deal really. If anyone thinks they're going to get "the sound to end all sound" in one stroke, they're sadly mistaken...and I think they are having dillusions of anxiety. Like tuning a race car, you simply can't plunk down cash on what you think are the best parts, and expect the car to be a winner!..won't likely happen. Infact, changing one item at a time, experimenting, tunning, and having patience and consitency will pay off HUGE DIVIDENDS to those who aren't in a hurry to HAVE IT ALL RIGHT NOW!!!!
Don't sweat it. IF you want to get great sound, it will take time...DON'T FORCE IT!
I see too many people buying something, then reading some bad post about their gear. Then they go and dump their stuff on the "gon" the next day, and are reranging their system within a week!...AND THEY NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE!!
One thing I've learned from being in the audio business for so long, is that you can't replace experience, patience, knowleged, and an undying desire for better sound quality.