Opinions on Brinkmann Avance tt

The Avance was discontinued several years ago and replaced in the Brinkmann product line by the LaGrange. I am thinking about buying a used one to replace my Nottingham Analog Hyperspace. I will keep my Wheaton Triplanar VII and my Koetsu Urushi cartridge and re-mount them on the Avance (if I go thru with the purchase). I would be interested to hear from anyone who has even seen an Avance in person and especially from anyone who actually "heard" the table. If anyone has an opinion on the advisability of exchanging the Hyperspace for the Avance, I would appreciate that too. Thanks.
unless you are unhappy, keep the nottingham. it pretty much competes with anything, and spend your money on vinyl. the audiofile itch rarely lasts when you survey what you've got , and just relax and listen.
Thanks for the sentiment, but I am hoping for a more direct response to my question. In fact, I have no particular gripes about the Hyperspace. I have an inner voice that tells me the same thing you're telling me. Nevertheless, since I may be able to make the change at very little net cost, once I sell my Hyperspace, the prospect is intruiging.
having not heard the advance, i couldn't tell you if its worth the switch...i have heard (at length), the la grange, and didn't find it the equal of the dais.
Thanks. That is a very interesting observation. The Dais is virtually ignored when top level tt's are discussed on this and other forums, whereas the Lagrange is universally admired in my experience (until your post). Can you be more specific about the differences between the LaGrange and the Dais? Were you able to audition both tables in the same system with the same tonearm and cartridge?
the dais was much more dynamic, and quiet between cuts. heard both with comparible big brit boxes (harbeth 5/ spendor 100)
Then there was something wrong with the lagrange - it leaves even the top nottingham in the dust for dynamics - and every other deck I have heard too.
I've owned an Avance and now a Nottingham 294. They weren't in the exact same system (change of amp in between) so it's hard to compare for sure. Overall, the Avance is a more explosive, dynamic turntable, with better bass. It is built like nothing else. It is slightly more virile, although never agressive or forward. The Nott is more feminine, cajoling, without being warm. Just slightly more sensual. I can't find better words but do feel they convey my experience. You can't go wrong with either, they just have a slightly different sonic signature. For sheer muscle and wow factor, I'd go for the Brinkmann. For a more intimate relationship with the music, with the Nott. I would say the Nott is not as audiophile or as well built as the Brinkmann but has a bigger heart.
Of course, component matching might change that balance.
Hope that helped,
Also, I agree with Brizonbiovizier. The Brinkmann are the most dynamic tables I've ever heard. It makes even high end CD players seem tame. There probably was a matching problem when Jaybo heard it (cartridge maybe?).