opinions on bookshelf monitors: proac v. ae

would love to hear peoples' thoughts on comparing proac response 1sc to acoustic energy II sigs... or similar. the 1sc is smaller than the ae here, but could be used similarly, what do you think about the quality and character of each of these?

would also be interested in related thoughts on other models/brands in the high end bookshelf arena.

The Aerial Acoustics Model 5b are certainly worth an audition. Very smooth dynamic sound, can listen to them forever without fatigue. I picked them over the Totems, B&W 805, and Paradigm Sig S2s, all of these are very good, too. The 5b is a nice small speaker that can fit in anywhere. The stands that are custom made for them complete a very neat little package.

For 3x the price of the 5b, the JMLab Micro Utopia BE is probably the best sounding 'bookshelf' speaker I've heard. But it is much larger. For even more money, the new Wilson Audio Duette looks interesting, but haven't actually seen much less heard them.
thanks. i haven't heard about the wilson's, that i'd like to hear!
You should consider some of the kits available.Look at the Madisound Kits etc.Many of these are as good as Proacs and the like but about 25% the cost.You could then afford something with the absolute best in driver technology and many of these kits have been designed by the best in the business.

thx jt, that's a good idea. any other you can suggest besides madisound?
I've heard those baby Pro-Ac's once, and IMO that is one sweet little speaker. Truly impressive sound! Only downside I see with them, is a person cannot expect a small mini-monitor like this to give window shattering low register bass. That can be corrected though with a good Sub that is properly intgrated with the ISc.

JT brought up some great ideas for a good kit from Madisound, I've dealt with Madisound in the past for other needs, and these folks are great. I've honestly not heard any of their kit speakers though, but they do seem to have promise as great speakers which can save some coin.

The other option one could perhaps consider, is a true studio monitor? What about a pair of JBL 4312's, or the like ? Mark