opinions on best neutral sounding amp with DAC under $4K

Recently sold my single ended tube kit and wish to simplify and enter the digital world with a SS set under $4K with quality DAC
Listen to jazz and classical with some classic rock. Have a sub for duties below 80hz and full range Oscar Heil speakers.
Hegel 160 has my interest at present,  open to all learned opinions please?
I don't know if this would bother you or not. The Hegel 160 is made in China.
When I first saw your post title, the piece that immediately came to mind was the Hegel H160. Since you're already thinking about that one, you're on the right track. An excellent integrated with a pile of awards. Disclosure: we are a Hegel dealer
All my Apple devices are built and China and they perform superbly! So it doesn’t bother me, it is the quality no origin of manufacture.