opinions on best neutral sounding amp with DAC under $4K

Recently sold my single ended tube kit and wish to simplify and enter the digital world with a SS set under $4K with quality DAC
Listen to jazz and classical with some classic rock. Have a sub for duties below 80hz and full range Oscar Heil speakers.
Hegel 160 has my interest at present,  open to all learned opinions please?

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Nice speakers would love to hear them.

I had great listening sessions with the hegel h160 with spendors, harbeths tannoys and kef. Did great on all three speakers. I really like the hegel sound. My hesitation on the 160 is the apple play features - seem likely to be dated too soon for such an investment.

Another idea is to see if you can find a demo or used h300 which has more power and a better dac. Since the h360 is out the 300 is bound to start to be discounted in price. I have a h200 and love it but it has no dac.

Could look at the vinnie rossie modular amo too but may be slightly above your budget but its great.

Haven't heard parasound halo but there are many fans out there. 

Not too many other options i can think of. 

Keep us posted on how it goes.