opinions on best neutral sounding amp with DAC under $4K

Recently sold my single ended tube kit and wish to simplify and enter the digital world with a SS set under $4K with quality DAC
Listen to jazz and classical with some classic rock. Have a sub for duties below 80hz and full range Oscar Heil speakers.
Hegel 160 has my interest at present,  open to all learned opinions please?

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I borrowed the 160 from my local dealer for a few days.  Sadly I was unimpressed.  Tried a few different power cords etc., and could not get it to sound good.   Decidedly mid-fi in my view despite the 'professional' reviews.

I say sadly, because the choices at that price point are very limited.  Just recently sold the Naim v1/nap 100 combo - about the same price.  Again not impressed.  Have finally settled on a McIntosh D150 digital pre, which is excellent.  Pick a power amp to suit your tastes.