Opinions on Belles 350A & Conrad Johnson MF2500

Hello, I would like to hear peoples opinion on these two amps that may of heard them in the store or owned them, they are both in my price range and plenty of power for me, but would like to here the bottom line on what people thought, I would be using it with my Stratos Gold Speakers and Conrad Johnson PFR preamp, thank you.
owned the 350a, and a CJ 2100 (100wpc).

CJ has a nice house sound, and gives example to the phrase "mosfet mist". also the 2100 had decent bass.

the 350a was markedly better in about every regard than the 2100; i recall laughing when i heard how much better the bass was on the 350a vs the 2100. it was also $1200 more if memory serves.

thanks a lot, that's the kind of stuff I was wondering, so hmmm the bass then is no contest, that's great, thank you.
Keep in mind that Rhyno is comparing 250 w/ch to 110 w/ch so naturally the bass will be more robust with higher wattage. I have owned the 2500A and liked it very much nice and detailed with very good bass control I was driving thiel 3.6's with it. I would also suggest that when buying used that you make sure you are buying / comparing the CJ "A" model as it is a substantial improvement over the non "A" version. Much more detailed in the mids with better high end extension. I can not comment on the belles as I have not heard it.

Thank you, yeah that makes sense about the power too, I was not familiar wit the other Conrad Johnson so was not sure of the power but I know the 2500 has good power to it from what I been reading, thanks.