Opinions on Bedini amps

I occasionally see Bedini amps for sale, usually the 25/25 or the 803(?). From the descriptions and specs, they seem to offer a lot of class A power for the money. Any Bedini users/listeners who would care to share their experience or opinions?
I own a Bedini and have a friend who owned two. Both of his blew up (output transformers). Mine has an intermittent hum in the right channel. When these amps are operating properly they sound very good, not great, but very good. They are fairly dynamic (a bit soft on the bottom octaves). Image presentation and soundstage is their strong suit (in their price range). The mids and highs are very smooth (somewhat tube sounding in their presentation). Bottom line: good sound, questionable reliablity (obviously the reason for seeing them at about 25% their original value).
I owned the 25/25 about 15 years ago, much like abstract7 writes but the amazing thing is how well it drove acoustat 1+1's that ordinarily craved power, my dealer couldn't beleive it. had the opportunity to try another Bedini amp, i don't remember the model but it had 250 watts per and sounded awesomely tubelike but with great detail, overall a little too dark for my taste. I wonder what john is doing these days?
I used to have a friend who had the Bedini 25/25. I always thought it sounded wonderful, and I would even use the word great. I had a chance to buy one REAL cheap back around 1988. I didn't, but have always regretted it. All this being said, if I heard it today, I don't know how I would perceive it. My tastes have changed a lot since then.
i have a bedini amp 150/150 classic. very musical and punchy i trade my krell kav250a in for a 200/200 classic. the bedini 150 is more smoother, punchier,and musical. slightly dark but prefer this to krells strident,edgy,and slightly bright sound. plus $1000 cheaper and pure class A i have no realiability problems. i have with krell. see review on www.audioreview.com