Opinions on B&W 801F, prior to Matrix and Nautilus

Need advice. I have an opportunity to purchase a pair for 1300$ but I read their bass is overwhelming and it requires a monster amp. Alternatives are Monitor S6, Thiel CS1.6 or Wharfedale Diamond 9.6, all new. I can afford a pair of Vincent SP-997 monoblocks, a NAD C272 or a Quad 909 power. This is for a first generation model 801F, not the Matrix or Nautilus versions. Suggestions welcome.
This was a very good speaker.Really overlooked once the Matrix came out. I demo'd it a few times and didn't hear any overwhelming bass.It was being run with a Adcom amp which was by no means Monster amp. Actually sounded very well balanced to me.I actually almost purchased one new but the Matrix line came out and I fell for it right away. You should have no problem running them with a moderately powered Solid state amp. I would axpect 150 watts per, would work fine unless you play ear bleeding music.They are a quality speaker for sure and sound great at modest to reasonably high levels.Of coarse if you expect to play at high levels, you'll demand an amp that will give you quality music at higher levels and that may be where the extra $$ would come in..Other than that if its in your price range and it is in great shape,go for it!
Didn't this model come with a bass EQ?
Not sure about the E.Q. as mentioned but if you have to use them thats one thing,but I found the Matrix 801 for my taste worked better without,so I guess if they do come with one you have a choice.
I'd pass BIG TIME. No longer supported and the driver's will be hard to me by if they differ from the one's used in the Matrix which are 16 ohm and no longer madeand cost $300 to repair.
I have had a pair of 801's for approx 20 years - of constant
use. The cross-over was the only thing that has given me
a problem - even after I had a failure in the driving amp -
it put approx 50 volts dc into the speaker - nothing blew up.
B&W replaced all the caps in two cross-over circuits for ~$100
CDN. I use ~ 100 watts/channel ( real watts ) with good results. We also have a pair of B&W 610i's and 602 S3 ( this year vintage ) - the old 801's are the least coloured.
Listening to them as I write this.
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