Opinions on AudioMeca Keops


I am considering purchasing the AudioMeca Keops CD player and would love to hear opinions and comments about this player (which, frankly, I have not heard of until today). I am currently using my DVD player (Toshiba SD9200) as my CD in an HT system (with Integra RDC-7 as the pre and driving Jmlabs 920.1) and wondered if this player will be a big step forward. I am also wondering how this player compares to other in its price range (I am considering buying a used unit).

I would appreciate any feedback/comments that you have as I find it very useful. Thanks very much.

I've heard this unit under show conditions ( read : far from ideal ), with Verity Audio Tamino speakers. I've forgotten what the amplification was. My recollection is of very nice sound for a show. Audiomeca also makes excellent analog equipment, so they know good sound.

Thanks for the info. I will try to audition the CD at home and see if it makes a big change relative to the SD9200 (which is quite good, I think).