opinions on audio refinement cd complete

I am currently auditioning cd players and was wondering if anyone out there is using the audio refinement cd complete player. Not too many reviews on this player, so was hoping to get some input. I heard it briefly last week but have to come back as it was very near closing time at the shop. Thanks.
I auditioned one in my house in 1999, and thought it was the best of the three I tried. The other two were a Musical Fidelity (model escapes me) and the Rega Planet. I also heard the Arcam 8 but didn't bring it home to audition. I especially liked the Audio Refinement with the related integrated amp. A killer $2k combination. I didn't buy either, though, and upgraded my whole budget to go with Linn and Proceed. It is a very nice player, though; slightly sweet, with good detail and a strong separation of musical lines.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I listened to the complete with the matching integrated and JM Labs Electra 926's and really liked it. The two pieces work very well and as you said it is a killer 2k combo. Of course, the electra's were awsome too. The only other player I am considering is the Jolida JD100. Will look for a dealer to hear that player and make my final decision. I have also heard a lot of good things about that cdp.
I have had an Audio Refinement Complete CD player for about 9 months now and I have found it to be a very good player overall at its price point. It doesn't have a ton of detail compared to much more costly players but it is musical and very easy on the ears. I am currently using it as a transport as I experiment with different DACs.
The ARC CDP is the lost puppy in their Integrated/Tuner/CDP trio, and with good reason, as it's a middling performer compared to its sisters. Fairly low rez, flat portrayal. For much less money the new NAD et al far outperform it.
But the Integrated and Tuner remain extremely good values.
Thanks for your responses guys. I actually ended up with the sony 555es SACD player since I got it brand new for a steal 3 months back. I think I have my sights on a cary 303/100-200 or their 308 next. You know, damn ugrade-itis bug. But am going to stick with this player at least till august. Either that or mod this sony player from sacd-mods. com. Will have to see what happens in the near future.
I had the Audio Refinement cdp for about 2 years and then went with the YBA cd-3 for 1 year. I like the Audio Refinement player...it's good and so is the YBA CD3. But the Jolida 100 is in a completely different world of resolution too the both of them. The Jolida surpasses both of them in musicality, smoothness, bass impact.soundstage...etc. I guess everyone has ther own opinions and these things can be system dependent. If you get the Jolida I would recommend replacing the stock tubes with something else. Ohhh I see you went SACD...good luck!!!
Have not been able to sample the Jolida. Right now the system sounds ok but still waiting on my odyssey tempest preamp. I am using this parasound php-850 and as it is-the sound is very neutral and a bit too digital-especially on classic rock. I grew up on analog and it is irritating me slightly. I will wait till the preamp comes in this month and also will have to change the interconnects-amp to pre and pre to cd. If that does not help the sony es goes on sale in audiogon. I want a bit more laid back sound and much warmer presentation. That is why I was checking out a tube cdp. Will try to sample the the jolida somehow and the cary(which is my first choice). Let's see if the preamp/interconnects help first though. I have only had the Sony for about 3 months now.