Opinions on Arcam FMJ CD 37 Player

Would appreciate any opinions from owners or previous owners on Arcam's FMJ CD37 CD/SACD player. I've got the upgrade bug. My initial thought was to get a universal player but, i am having second thoughts. I recently took home for demo a Cambridge Audio BD751. I thought this was a very nice sounding player. It had good low end, detailed highs without being harsh, a nice full bodied midrandge and good soundstaging. When i hooked it up to my Rega Dac, i could not tell the difference which, i think tells me the Cambridge does not make a good transport as does my current set up. Would the Arcam without using the Raga Dac be a major step up in performance given that it is twice the cost of the Cambridge? My set up consist of: Plinius integrated 9200, Dynaudio Focus Speakers 140's, DNM & FMS IC and speaker wire and Rega Dac w/Pioneer BDfd51 Blu Ray as transport. I do not have the opportunity to demo this player. Thanks for any feedback.

I had the Arcam FMJ DV-139 for several years and thought it was excellent as a transport and as a CD/SACD/HDCD/DVD-A player. You should check it out. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/dvd-players/arcam-fmj-dv139-278415/review

I could not find one review that was not glowing regarding the capability and rich musicality of this unit. Arcam also has a great reputation and uses very high quality parts inside and anti-resonate chassis. Highly recommended.
I've had a FMJ Cd37 for about five months now and think it's one the biggest bargains in audio. I bought it while my Marantz Sa11S1 was being repaired and instantly found it to be much more to my tastes than the Marantz. The Tech Radar review Tom6897 provides a link to well summarizes my opinion about the player. They are correct that the CD37's treble doesn't have the ultimate extension and finesse of the best digital, but for the price, it is remarkable. I do use power conditioning and a better power cord than stock, but those just burnish what is already fine performance. The only real criticism one can direct its way is the rather ho-hum utilitarian casework, if one values aesthetic refinement. On the other hand, the value seeker will be happy that Arcam's engineers directed their efforts towards excellent sound first and foremost.
Thanks for you input. I am going to try to find one to audition.