Opinions on ARC VS-110 amplifier

Hi, I live in the sticks and have not been able to go listen to this amp. Does anyone have an opinion? Better than a VT-100? Does the design allow easy biasing? The VT-100 I owned cost a fortune to retube. Has this problem been addressed?
Thanks, Mike
Go to the ARC site and read the info about this amp for a start. I have not been able to hear it yet, but to answer you question on the biasing adjustment, it seems that they have made it much more convenient. You will be able to do it without removing anything which would be nice(VT 100 has about 20 screws to remove). Retube cost looks like it will run about the same.
I would assume that the VS-110 does not sound as good as the VT100. I have heard the VT-50 compared to the VS-55 and the VS-55 sounded close, but the VT-50 had more punch and resolution. The VS series is the ARC value series get the reliability and the ARC sound at the lowest price point. If I were in the market to purchase an amp from this site and had the choice of the VS-110 for $3.2K vs. a VT100MKIII or MKII in the $3.0 - 2.3K price range - I would buy the VT-100 without even thinking twice. I would assume that the tube replacements are still pricey - call ARC for info.
Mike, I have the VT100mkII. The problem with retubing is not so much one of expense as it is of replacing all the Sovtek driver tubes, which do not image well or have the same dynamics or subtle inner detail of premium 6DJ8s, without blowing up tubes and resisters. ARC contends you need to have Sovteks 6DJ8s in the "stand alone" position located physically at the front of the amp or it cannot be properly biased. In my opinion, this compromises the performance significntly. A couple weeks ago I posted what I believe to be a solution to this problem, along with additional information on good sources for tubes. Good luck!
I went to the ARC site to check out the VS110, having only seen before the VS55. Did anyone else notice the M150? SS modular amp. Says it can accommodate 7 "modules" of 150 W into 8 ohms each. It then goes on to say "pairs of modules may be bridged at the factory for four times the output (600 watts into eight ohms, each pair)." Bridged for *four* times? How do they do that???

Is this a misprint, magic, or am I having some kind of brain problem at the moment?