Opinions on Antique Sound Lab "Tulip"

Has anyone heard this Amp? I'm considering purchasing two and using them as monoblocks ($1,700). I'm not in an audition area. I understand their tubes (ac3s?, I know I'm close) are quite dynamic.
The tubes are 2A3's. Thanks. What are their characteristics?
there was an excellent review in one of the editions of listener if you have access. They were thought to be a great sounding amp and a bargain
Sounded nice had problems with cosmetics they are slow to help with repairs and replacements,why not buy a pair of Wright 2a3s mono amps?.have owned 10 Antique sound lab amps most monos and its hit and miss with quality of build, but they do sound good .Some had other problems only once did divergent take care of me after much hasle.good luck with your quest:)