Opinions on Amp/Preamp 300+ W for Infinity Crescendo 3009s?

I’ve got a set of 4-way Infinity Crescendo CS 3009s and I’m looking to upgrade the amplification. Currently running an older Marantz home theater amp that I feel isn’t doing the speakers justice. I know other Infinity speakers (Kappas) have a reputation for dropping to some seriously low impedance but have read that these speakers don’t have that issue. That being said, I can’t find anyone that has done measurements to know for sure. Do you guys recommend going for a high current amp anyway? They’re rated for 300W @ 8 Ohms with 90db efficiency.

I was leaning toward an Emotiva gen2 or gen 3. I play music pretty regularly at high volumes and for extended time, so I'd like to go ahead and get something with good power so that I don't run a risk of doing any damage. Emotiva is about the most inexpensive brand I would go with, anything used under 2k is fair game. Are monoblocks an option at this price range? Let me know what you guys recommend. Thanks!
Yeah it looks to me like these speakers will suc up the power! (there 90db rating is misleading at best) SO, I would try and find the cleanest/warmest sounding power amp and pre amp combo (a 200w Mac will be way more enjoyable then a 300w Emotiva imo) you want to spend money on. If you are planning on listening loudly for long periods I would find an older McIntosh combo or integrated amp, call http://www.audioclassics.com

The Emotiva while high powered and affordable,  the 3009's will sound HARD at high volumes and with a lot of fatigue after a short period. 

If you could find a used ADCOM GFA 555 and a GFP 565 (preaamp) this would be a great combo and they sell for around $350 each!

Matt M