Opinions on Acurus equipment

Acurus seems to get a lot of respect in small circles, but I have not found much in the larger market. I saw one post where a guy rated Acurus with Bryston and CJ and above the Audio Refinement Complete. I'm curious to hear what people here think of there line of two channel equipment, and if poeple think for the used price it's a steal. Thanks
no steal - a preamp that I auditioned (don't remember which model) showed some promise, but was too compromised even for the low-ish cost. I believe the Aragon would be better, but that's only conjecture. You might see what the posts on Audio Review have to say for some other opinions?
I had an Acurus pre-amp, phono stage and amp in my second system. While the Acurus is built well and the company has outstanding customer service, I found it much to bright, I was using horn loaded loundspeakers at the time and this may have been a mismatch.I don't believe the Acurus line is in the same league as the CJ(I haven't heard the Bryston). I agree with the above posting that the Aragon line(also made by Mondail) would also be an option. I ended up with tube equipment and found it more enjoyable.
Have owned the Acurus A250 power amp and L10 pre amp for several years and have been very happy. Build Quality is excellent, plenty of power for quick tansients and easy and non fatiguing to listen to. I believe that is makes a better amp for rock, acoustic and jazz versus clasical, not the last word in detail. I don't believe the amp is overly bright in my system. Acurus, Enery, rega and transparent.
This is a followup to my previous post. I remember now it was the RL11 preamp that I tried; I recall it was "a decent preamp for the money" had some nice features, but was a bit harsh with my horns & bass was a bit thin. This is with reference to a $20K system. I didn't try to optimize (finding the best interconnects & AC cords) to synergize this preamp with my rig, which BTW is highly system-dependent. The RL11 was really not bad; it may be worth a try esp. if you've found a good deal. You could always resell it for a small $ loss if it doesn't work out.