Opinions on ACI Sapphire XL

In my quest for quality bookshelf speakers, I came across the ACI Sapphire XL monitors. I've read many reviews, both professional, and consumer, and have rarely found any knocks on them at all. So, I thought I'd throw the question out here to see what people think.

I have a small listening area 13'x13', and am running solid state gear, an integrated, and Onix XCD-88. I seem to like accuracte reproduction, especially in the midrange, and like to have a decent amount of bass (if possible). My musical tastes run from rock to pop to vocals to jazz to country, in other words, quite varied. If what all the reviews say is true, I sure wouldnt mind picking up a pair used, but they dont seem to come up very often do they?
I have the XLs and absolutely love them. These are fairly new speakers and are really nice, consequently, very few people have been upgrading from these. In fact, I can't recall having ever seen a used XL for sale on the usual audio boards. They are PERFECT for a small room, and for stereo listening, I always listen to these full-range without a sub. You could e-mail Mike Dzurko at ACI and ask if he has any B stock. That would run cheaper. I would strongly urge you to try the XLs out. If you don't like 'em you can just send it back and avail of the 30-day money back offer.

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I own a pair of black piano XLs; very natural reproduction, good dynamics for the size, not difficult to drive, well made (heavy and solid) and with good looks to boot!
Wow, once again, only positive reviews! Now only if I can find a used pair to pick up. Someone list a pair!!! In the meantime, what gear are all of you running with the Sapphires? My system is pretty modest, the integrated runs at 100w.
I use a Bolder-modded Squeezebox2 directly to a pair of Stello M200 monoblocks, the XLs and a REL Storm III.
Autre, if you feel you need a subwoofer, any REL can be used with your integrated because of the speaker connection. I don't need a high-pass filter, in your room, try plugging the rear ports with the foam plugs that come with the XLs.