Opinions on a Revolver


I’m purchasing 2 new "manual" turntables this week: a Revolver "Rebel" and "JVC QL-5" direct drive turntable -- this was JVC's top-of-the-line piece. They are both in excellent condition and reasonably priced.

I just want ask if anyone has experience with either tables. My gut feeling is that I’ll keep the Rebel and resell the JVC QL-5, although it looks new and is built like a tank.

Plus, I love the look and design of the Rebel!

My cartridge will be either an Audio Technica DR500LC or Grado Gold.

Thank you in advance.
the revolver was a very solid, and good sounding, table and arm...competitive with the rega tables of that time. revolver is now back in the audio business as well.
I'll second what Jaybo said. Revolver was a good basic table when it was made. It would have competed against tables like the Rega Planar 2.