Opinions on a new cartridge

I'm looking to upgrade my current cartridge (Grado Gold)...Been looking @ the dynavector 10x5 or the sumiko bps evo 3....It will be mounted on a vpi hw-19 mk3 w/ a sme 309....looking for some opinions or options from the gang @ audiogon.....Anyone...Anyone
I used a 10x5 for years although on a Rega 250 arm. Great all around high output MC. Actually wore it out before I upgraded. Not to critical of loading but is a bit tall. So you may need to raise the back of the arm by a 2mm's or so.

Compared to the Grado, IMO, it will be a little less pronounced in the midrange, a bit more detailed and extended on the top end and have a tighter bass.
Buy used, and get something tht retailed for over $1000 new like a Dynavector 17d2, Benz Micro Glider, Ortofon Kontrapunkt, Clearaudio Virtuoso or Maestro. they will all perform better than the 10x5 which is a good cartridge, but not on the same level. there are plenty of cartridges available with less than 200 hours on them, barely broken in.
What's your phono stage? Can it handle low output moving coil carts?
I know it's primitive but I'm using the phono stage on a gfp-565 adcom pre amp. It does not have the ability to accommodate a l/o moving coil cartridge