Opinions on a new amp/pre

I recently purchased Paradigm Studio 40v4's.I also have a SVS PB12 NSD sub. I currently have Caver CT7 pre/tuner and aa Carver TFM 24 amp. My cdp is a Marantz CD5001. I have had these since 91' (not the cdp)when I bought them new. I have considered a new amp and pre combo, however I feel it sounds very good right now. The speakers are my first audio purchase in 14 years, so obviously it sounds better to me already. I'm not a "critical" listener per se' but I feel I may get a little more out of my system.I'd be looking in the $1500-$2500 range for both. I have been looking at the Rotel line. Will it be better sounding? Perhaps. Or am I just suffering from "I need new stuff" syndrome. All comments/suggestions are appreciated. Even sarcasm and smart azz ones.(I do have a sense of humor, albeit a sick one).
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I'd suggest that you consider one of the excellent integrateds in your price range. I recently went from late 80's midfi gear to the Krell 400xi. The difference was remarkable and I believe you would find that "new stuff" will be worth the investment. On your list should be Naim 5i, Krell 400xi, Simaudio I3 or I5, Ayre (cant recall model but there is only one) and I'm probably missing a couple. Good luck.