opinions on 2nd system

I have a second property where space is a problem. As in there isn't much. Minimal room and cannot go with speakers like maggies or something similar for the sound I prefer.

That being said; I'm leaning towards a mcintosh 1700 receiver or similar. Perhaps the Spica tc-50 or maybe those Gallo's for speaker choices.

Thoughts on this type of arrangement?
You can turn a small room into a blessing but you have to be sure to properly size the speakers for the room. That is absolutely critical. What size is the room? What floor coverings and furntiture is/will be in there?
Greetings, you may want to consider Musical fidelity's X components, or even their new receiver, which includes a CD player. Happy Listening
Sounds like a good match - the Spica's are detailed and image well, the 1700 is on the warm side of neutral, has all of the controls for playing with tone to match your set up and listening conditions, and best of all (I assume) its cheap. Now if you want to spend some 'money' and get a hi-grade result provide some detail on your environment, musical tastes, sonic preferences, and set up possibilities. (Don't go there, having audiophile angst about one system at home is enuf!!!!!!!!!!) :-)
I keep two systems up and running. My more modest one is in my study, a pretty small room which is 14' x 11' x 8' with a 5' x 9' alcove at rear left. I've done a lot of experimenting with speakers and amplification in that room and have found that as long as the speakers are in the 87 dB or more range of sensitivity 30 watts/channel is sufficient for pretty darn loud levels. I also find that small to medium size stand mount speakers work best in that room. Amongst my speakers are Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-2s and Tyler Linbrook Monitors, both of which I regard very, very highly. However, even though in most set ups or on paper they might be "better" speakers, I have an early '90s pair of the original Spendor SP2s that just sound better in there. Who'd a thunk?! It would be nice if you could try a number of pieces in your room before deciding.
The room is not exactly rectangular and dimensions would be 8' one wall
14' other wall
12' wide that tapers to 8'

It's a condo at the ocean, if that helps. Walls are just drywall and construction itself is concrete and steel. In back of the speakers would be floor to ceiling glass.

Space is limited and since it is rented from time to time, a receiver is a nice option I thought. And since it is rented, you sure don't want to throw much $$$ at this kind of thing. Just get something "nice" and simple to use is all.

Speakers would have to be small and fit on stands like those Gallo's or maybe spica or maybe ?. I have a pretty decent cd player that can go with this.
How about Proac mini monitors?