opinions on 24/96 remaster of Nirvana, N evermind

I have been listening to the HD Tracks 24/96 remaster of Nirvana, Nevermind and I am quite disappointed. In my system, it sounds like it was recorded extra hot and the deep bass seems to be lacking. I have been comparing it to the MFSL version and the MFSL walks all over this remaster. The bass is much deeper and the treble isn't nearly as hot and it is much more enjoyable to listen to. Anyone else have this yet and opinions please?

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Wow, I thought it was an outstanding quality download. Of course this was my taste, my ears and my system in my room. Just my opinion.

On a side note, I would not have expected a "Nevermind" release....then they come right back with "Breezin".

I love these great surprises.