Opinions of Reference 3A speakers

Hi, has anyone heard or owned the Reference 3A Royal Masters, La Veritas, L'Integrale or the La Suprema speakers
Here's Reference 3a website. www.reference3a.com

You didn't ask,but the MMdeCAPO (inexpensive version of the Royal Master) is one awesome monitor. If monitors always leave you wanting a little bit more, these will satisfy your needs. I would think the R. M. would be quite a bit better. The Red Rose 3A is perhaps an improvement over the MMdeCAPO(IMHO).
I have had many componets over time. Although, I am not currently not using the ROYAL MASTERS, I would never sell them. Rather, I put them in storage as a "keeper". One of the most neutral and fast Monitors.
I own a pair of the Decapos. Reminds me of a pair of Martin Logan CLS that I once owned. Im sure the crossoverless design has much to do with it.
The Refs 3a, due to their efficient design, will let you explore the wonderful worlds of OTL, SE or any solidstate
design. I value that in a speaker.
I have a pair of 3a "La Master Controle" from the 80s that are currently in storage. At the time they were the finest, smoothest speakers I had heard in any home system. They started blowing tweeters, unfortunately. I kept them and moved on to others - they were too fine to merely dispose of. I am currently thinking of having them repaired as there is now a local dealer.
Reference 3a's are audios best kept secret for a long time. I had a pair of royal masters which I sold. Although I made good $$$ on them, I would buy them back for what I sold them for and then some. Very rare on the used market. Grab them and listen and don't turn back.