Opinions of people who have OWNED Adagio's

I'd like to hear from people who have actually owned Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers. They're on my short list for auditioning. I've got a Unico SE integrated (140w) and Cairn Fog v3 cd player.
I have used them for about 2 years and am more than pleased. They replaced Living Voice Avatars and have better base, more trasparent, less coloured. I am interested in the opinion about the Cerabase. I have had similar benefit with Symposium svelt shelves and Rollerblock juniors, a clear upgrade to my ears.
I use an 845 SET, only 22 watts, but more than enough. The flat impedence at 6ohms, seems to make them SET friendly, despite only 89db sensitivity. Are they the best speakers around? of course not, but they are very good value and appear well made
I had mine for about 6 months and really liked them, but the wife did not care for the looks...so they left. They are fast, smooth and dynamic. I used them with a Cary sli-80 f1 and was very happy. The speakers are very balanced and coherent in their presentation. I really liked the ribbon tweeter, fast yet smooth never bright. If you like the looks they are great speakers for the $$. If I am ever aloud to do it again I will get the extreme Adagios from Response audio, they are more cash, but resonable.
Hope that helps.
Nice assesment of the speaker,thats one of the attributes of the adagio i love its never bright and impossing in the high end.It is just conveys the music,yes the looks are a little on the not the prettiest speaker around,but they will be in my system for awhile.the matched maple is sweet in red though.
It's testes, or both testis, not testies, unless you are are living too close to a nuclear power plant or referring to a multiple product testers in the wrong tense. I hope you wouldn't get those caught between your legs, although I can think of some product testers that you might appreciate ;)

Never heard the Adagios but it seems like they are well liked in this community. Probably worth seeking out for a long audition. And no, I'm not nuts about nuts.