Opinions of Near loudspeakers

These come up used from time to time...any thoughts? Are they bright? Transparent? Decent,clean,bass..etc..
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I had some 50Me II's and was pleased with them. Relatively speaking they are dynamic and transparent. I used Marigo dots on the cones and dynamic bands on the basket arms, which elevated their performance, more weight and articulation. I don't know if they are inherently bright, but it is an issue I had from time to time. I think they are definitely an excellent speaker to build a system around. I have since moved to a high efficiency horn system that retails for 4 times the price of the N.E.A.R.'s, whick I love dearly, hence the relative aspect regarding my comments. I feel there is a lot to like with the N.E.A.R.'s. The bass is exceptional, especially with the Marigo bands. I agree with the reviewer that states they are nicely balanced.
Still have my 10 yr old 50ML's. With only a $1 external modification, have tamed the dry, less than refined sound they are sometimes criticized for. (Simply surround the mid/tweeter with thin felt).
Still competitive with the best out there today, IMHO, after some easy mods. (Technasonic vibration panels, sand/lead weights on top)
From my experiences, the Near's HAVE TO BE the worst line of speakers ever conceived by mankind!!!! Even with soft mellow tube gear and components(including wires), they still sounded bright, zippy, cold, and A-MUSICAL!!!! If anyone has other experiences with the Near speaker line, I appologize....a little anyway(ha!)
I can see where the upper frequencies could be a problem for some systems/rooms, but I have a bright room and was able to tame them with tweaks and tuning. This, however, might be more trouble than some are willing to put up with. I had mine sounding very nice, before upgrading to some excellent horns.
I have a pair of NEAR 50 me bi-wire speakers. I love them! I blew a mid because the cheap binding post came loose and I had a bad connection. This was after many years of use. In order to buy a pair replacement mids I had to send the high end crossovers in to get them modified for the superior mids that near now makes. I had thier older mids. I changed the binding posts to some solid copper cardas posts. I also rewired the ENTIRE speaker with silver audio wire. I had to double it up so I ended up using about 60 feet. The wire cost $16 a foot and is worth every penny. I then decided to just buy all 6 drivers brand new, instead of just the mids. I bought them from Bill Kieltyka at bogen communications. He also did the mods to the mid/tweeter crossover. He invented and designed these speakers. He sold out to bogen and works for them. He still sells near replacement drivers. After doing all of this I about died when I heard these speakers. Now I really love them. They sounded great with my aragon amp. They sound incredible with my new cj mono blocks. Troy.
Troyoy, if you would like to take things up another notch try the Marigo Audio dynamic driver bands on the basket arms of the woofers (more detailed and dynamic bass). I also like the Marigo dots on the drivers (more palpable images). Definitely worth the effort and expense.
Thankyou for the info. I will have to try your suggestions soon. I have just been upgraded my gear now. I am so happy with these speakers that I am going to upgrade my system to the max before I even think about buying new speakers. I am going to upgrade my premier 5 monoblocks and get a 16LS II this year. Then get a killer turntable next year. Thanks for the post and take it easy wellfed.